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"I'm a web designer"

I've just finished my Degree in Multimedia Web design and i'm looking for the right opportunity to enhance my skills. I am a designer. I enjoy making websites that are simple yet effective. A website that conveys its purpose is a good website.

My skills include:

HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Wordpress, Adobe Dreamweaver, photoshop and premiere

Also an Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver CS6


EJ Plastering Services

Elliot Jones Plastering Services. Website I built for a local plastering company.

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Built using the Bootstrap responsive framework. Including a responsive image gallery and google maps api.

Ace Games

Built as part of my thrid year group project this was the product website. It boasted a resposive design, PHP highscores, an instagram feed and a contact form.

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Built using HTML, CSS3 and Jquery.

One Wheel Peel

One wheel Peel is an Online automotive community. It has selected authors each with their own login details allowing them to post latest projects, news and anything car related.

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Built using Wordpress and custom child themes. The website also has a facebook community which is growing everyday. The website is in constant development with plans for profile pages and a shop.

How Bikes work

Built as part of a third year assignment. The brief was to use animation and interacticity to explain a certain topic. It boasts alternative backgrounds, HTML5 sound and Flash animation.

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Built using HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery and AS3.

Phonegap web app

Built as part of a second year Uni assignment. I built a mobile website in HTML5 and added native functionality using Phonegap.

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Phonegap allowed me to add Geolocation, Camera functionality and device information to the website.

Scout App prototype

Built as part of my third year dissertation. I mocked up an ios/android application that would aid walking and expeditions using GPS and mapping.

Built using the prototyping software 'Axure' and working closely with a local scout group.

Glosride blog

Built as a blog for the local riding community. It is an unfinished website atm and still under construction.

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Built using the wordpress platform. Ultimately allwing multiple users to login and update the blog.

Slam 69 design.

Mock up of possible website for a local bike shop. Designed about 4 years ago.

Graphic Design

Juke Clothing

Was approached by a local clothing company to design a new range of T-shirts. They are to be on sale this winter.


David Tingle Edit

Shot at Churchdown Skatepark.

Paul Walker Tribute meet.

Shot as part of onewheelpeel.

Sandbay trip

Shot at Sandbay, Weston-super-mare.


Adam Baird

Shot at Churchdown Skatepark.

Tom and Jack Atkinson

Shot at Redhill extreme.

Toyota Celica

Shot at on an empty country road.

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Please contact me of you if you would like to know more about me or have any questions.